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Marina Felkl

ABOUT MARINA FELKL'S CLASS Marina is an international certified Yoga Teacher and a massage therapist. She started yoga 5 years ago, when she was looking for a way to keep the work-life balance up and happy after a fast paced and stressful day at work. Join My Class

Sarah Macleod

Sarah’s classes combine various yoga styles where you are encouraged to challenge yourself and explore your abilities.

Sophie Diop

Everyone is full of diversity of postures. If one appreciates having things a little loose and unpredictable and like to keep moving, Shopie’s yoga class is definitely worth a try.

Samantha Jane

Samantha take yoga and meditation as the perfect way to refresh both body and mind.

Chris Ruby

He uses physical assists along with verbal cues throughout the session to encourage healthy alignment and deepen the practice

Mila Pedrassoli

Her aim is to make ‘yoga class’ a meaningful and fulfilling experience that is intensive, profound and life changing.

Maryam Bash

I am fun, energetic, caring loving human being who practices yoga daily.

Zara Khan

If I can bring the same peace and equanimity to others that I have found through yoga then I will have succeeded as a teacher. I look forward to catching you on the mat.

Bianca Montesi

Yoga is great gain a deeper level of physical well-being and healthy lifestyle, along with mental peace.

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