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Maryam Bash
Yoga Teacher

Maryam Bash

I am fun, energetic, caring loving human being who practices yoga daily.

  • POSITION: Yoga Teacher
  • EXPERIENCE: 4 Years
  • EMAIL:
  • BIOGRAPHY: Due to her passion & obsession for yoga, Maryam trained in traditional Hatha Yoga in India. For her yoga is the greatest healer where anyone can learn to know thyself.


Her classes are fun, gentle & deep consisting of a Hatha flow, where she use traditional yogi techniques including the Pawanmuktasana series (a sequence designed to release stiffness in the joints), Asana (posture), Pranayama (breathing techniques), Mudra (hand gestures) & relaxing meditative techniques. Her focus is on releasing stiffness in the joints, strengthening the muscles & realigning the body in order to find more concentration, coordination and confidence.

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