Yoga and meditation are the science of mind, body and spirit; they are virtuosity of living. Yogaholicz – Yoga & Meditation Studio in Whitechapel, East London is an initiative that provides tools for wellbeing for everyone through classes, workshops, talks, demonstrations in yoga and meditation. Daily yoga & meditation classes take place the yoga and meditation studio in East London, as well as Yogaholicz, provides yoga and meditation in education, health, justice, corporate and workplace environment. Primarily we aim to make Yogaholicz a vibrant yoga and meditation studio in London where you will get training for the every possible yoga and meditation science available.

Spread over one floors, our beautiful yoga & meditation studio offers a soothing environment in which you can learn, practice, rest, relax and feel completely rejuvenated. Our aim to create the best yoga & meditation studio in the heart of East London with powerful style of yoga and meditation that can be learned and practised which would spark one’s mind, body and spirit.



Although D1 (Rob Dewan) practised meditation since his teenage, he turned to meditation to bring work life balance in 2010 after suffering from tremendous stress from being a serial entrepreneur. D1 expressed that it’s through meditation he could know and understand himself better and discover his true self. For him, meditation is the inner science that unfolds the most natural way towards the direction of joy and love.

D1 believes that everyone deserves to walk on their self-styled path of enlightenment. His aim is to create an environment where one gets the chance step on the yoga mat or sits on the meditation cushion mindfully to come back to breathe, feel the compassion & acceptance of their actual being that takes place within everyone all the time. He has opened up Yogaholicz – Yoga Meditation Studio which is a non-profit initiative to help everyone to deal with all the totality of life and potentiality of the whole existence.

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