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Yogaholicz – Yoga and Meditation Studio provides organised meditation and yoga classes in East London to help you to achieve the perfect mind and body. Keen on quality, potability or development? Come to enjoy the true essence, the real being! Yogaholicz is focused on advancing a more noteworthy comprehension of yoga and meditation that sheltered practice through experience, instruction, exchange, study and training. You get the chance to appreciate customary Yoga and meditation strategies, for example, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Knoff Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Guided Meditation, Baul Meditation – all in a tranquil, proficient and inviting environment.

Yogaholicz offers a scope of classes and courses intended to offer something to all professionals of yoga. Yogaholicz arranges best yoga classes East London Whether you are generally new to yoga and wish to develop your comprehension and practice through our foundation and living yoga courses, or wish to prepare to convey your energy to others. At long last we give a wide and fluctuated system of self-development for individuals to achieve their desired capability. The vitality and wonderful atmosphere of the Yogaholicz – Yoga and Meditation Studio will profoundly arrange individuals to fulfil their wellbeing of their mind-body-sprite.


Sooth your body and mind. Join best Yoga Classes East London. Suitable for all levels. 

Why Yogaholicz?

Excellent environment

Experienced & highly trained instructors?

Very good location

Beginners, Intermediate Advanced level

Spacious Yoga Classes in East London

Best Yoga classes East London- Yogaholicz offer yoga classes in East London for all levels. So call us today regardless your experience. We have class for beginners, intermediate level and advanced level.


Choose Your Classes and Get Started.

Come and find your happiness with Yoga and meditation. Yogaholicz offers one to one instruction and feedback within the group. So will never be left alone.

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